1. Inclusivity

We believe in creating a space where everyone feels they belong. It is essential that we respect others’ opinions, experiences and views even when they differ from our own.

2. Integrity

We believe in doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing. Our members and team must conduct themselves honestly and authentically in both their business pursuits and their interaction with our community. We have a zero tolerance policy for gossiping, shaming, bullying or making anyone feel inferior.

3. Joy

We believe in baking the fun in from day one. That means we don’t believe in success at all costs. We value a balanced and joyful business and life.

4. Team Work

We believe that we are all better together and that we can go further, faster if we surround ourselves with positive people who lift us higher. We encourage our members and team to lean on each other and in turn offer a hand to those in need.

5. Pay it Forward

We believe in the power of paying it forward and helping lift others higher. Communication within our community and our leadership team should be solution-oriented with the aim of helping others.


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