ready to Level-Up your Business in 90 days?


ready to Level-Up your Business in 90 days?


A-Players is a revolutionary 90-day Group Coaching Program for mama entrepreneurs. This program combines the power of private business coaching with radically supportive peer support to help women reach bold new heights in their business and life! 


A-Players is a unique, intensive 90-day journey designed to help women uplevel BIG. Through a combination of mindset work, business strategy and guidance through implementation, our A-Players are achieving things they never thought possible


Who is A-Players for?

We know business coaching is a big investment, which is why we want all of our participants to make an informed decision. 

A-Players is RIGHT for you if...

 You are a mom with a business that you're looking to GROW!

 You're ready to make a bigger impact on your clients and step into that thought leader that you know you can be.

 You're excited by the idea of generating more leads and revenue and you're ready to push past your comfort zone to do so.

 You're open to trying new sales and marketing techniques, testing things out and iterating.

 You want to aligning yourself with women who are moving past their own fear in order to reach new, exciting places.

 You have a deep desire to level-up in your business and you want to be surrounded by other "movers and shakers" who also want the same thing.

 You have a few specific goals in mind or areas where you want to create growth. 

 You love your business but you know there is more out there for you and you're ready to step into that next level version of yourself.

A-Players is NOT a fit for you if...

 You want to stay where you are. A-Players is not a program for people who want to "coast" or stay in "learner's mode". It's for people who are ready to take action and implement new strategies.

 You're not ready to invest in yourself. A-Players is a significant investment and it's important that you only make the leap if you're prepared to truly invest in massive growth. 

 You are not prepared to help others. This is one of the highest quality peer groups you will ever find, but peer support only works if everyone is prepared to help others grow and succeed. 

 You're in scarcity of fear-based mentality. Of course it's scary to make any big leap in your business, but if you're terrified that things won't work out, they probably won't. A-Players are human, and they do experience fear, but they are willing to powerfully move through their fear to create growth. 

What's A-Players all about?

Inside A-Players we focus on 4 key pillars of business growth.

This 90-day journey all starts with helping you uncover your great vision, and then reverse engineering that vision. We help you get clear on your goals and then we help you build a plan to achieve those goals. We set the destination and then we chart the course! 

Once you know what you want to achieve and have a sense of how you will achieve it, we need to believe that it's possible. We work on developing the mindset that will facilitate your success, now and beyond our 90 days together. 

Every business needs new, quality leads in order to thrive. Our coaches help you implement marketing strategies designed to help you attract the right customers and move them further down the funnel. 

Without sales, you don't have a business. The A-Players program places a heavy emphasis on learning how to sell "the right way" for you and your business so that selling feels light and joyful. We help you build confidence and consistency by showing you different ways to generate revenue. 


What's the Transformation?

A-Players is a program designed to help transform the way you see yourself and your business. It's 90 days of intensive coaching and peer support where you'll go from "things are ok" to "holy cow, I can't believe it!" with the help of expert coaches, mentors and other business owners just like you. 

Many of our A-Players have gone on to experience major results, for example...

  •  Significant growth in their gross revenue (aka they are making more money!) 
  •  More streamlined business with stronger systems, working smarter not harder
  •  Hiring their first team member(s) 
  •  Landing their first "true" dream clients
  •  Stepping into their own thought leadership
  •  Launching their first only webinar, course, group program or podcast
  •  Hitting 6-figures in their business

Learn how to run a Successful Business!

It's important to know that A-Players is not a program that's solely about making more money, but most of our participants gain the skills that help them grow their revenue over time. We've had many A-Players that double or triple their revenue, implement whole new revenue streams and hit their dream salary of 100K within a year or so of completing the program. 

Of course not all our A-Players experience such big, shiny wins, but the vast majority of them feel a massive sense of growth and accomplishment when completing the program. 

Our A-Players learn skills inside this program that help them....

  •  Better understand how marketing and messaging works
  •  Show up more consistently online
  •  Attract more true dream clients to their business, increasing their leads and sales
  •  Package and price their services with more clarity and confidence
  •  Sell themselves with ease

As a result of learning all this in just 90-days, our A-Players experience revenue growth, often within the 90 days or after the 90-days. 


Here are a few of our past A-Players who have all achieved incredible results through the program. 

Anrdea M. - Skincare Business

When Andrea first joined A-Players, she was newer to business. She had an existing product business that was flatlining. A-Players helped Andrea set clear intentions for her business and set financial targets. She was able to reach her goal of $100K in gross revenue within that same year and she has now gone on to lead our newer members in our Mama Mentors program. 

Fran M. - Gift Basket Company

Fran joined A-Players as a "Baker" and she left as a thought leader and service business owner. She transitioned from selling baked goods to running a Gift Basket empire in a few short months. Fran designed her new offers and grew her client base. She later returned for another round of A-Players to really hone in on her growth strategy. She started to see her revenue rise significantly and has since become a 6-figure business, all in less than a few years of first joining A-Players. 

Susanne F. - PR Consultant

Suzanne had just started her business when she joined A-Players. At that time she was overworking and undercharging. A-Players helped Suzanne own her years of expertise and she began designing and selling consulting offers that were worthy of her skills. By the end of A-Players Suzanne was closing more, high-calibre clients and earning the kind of revenue she had been dreaming of. While Suzanne had to take some time away from her business due to family matters, she's recently returned to it with a new level of passion. 

Victoria S. - Photographer

Victoria was brand new to running her photography business when she joined A-Players. She knew she needed to work on her packaging and her pricing. She began charging her worth and implementing more solid client acquisition strategies. Soon her client roster was full and she surpassed 6-figures in revenue a mere 1 year after starting her coaching journey. 

Samantha V. -  Tiktok Coach

Samantha first joined A-Players as a grant recipient. She quickly realised she had a business model that was not working, so she leaned into a whole new business, coaching people how to market themselves on TikTok. Now just a few short years later, Sam has helped thousands of entrepreneurs through her programs and she has a thriving multi-6-figure business. And it all started inside A-Players. 

Kaitlin S. -  HR Consultant

Kaitlin has a small HR firm that she knew she needed to grow to live the life she wanted. She worked on her offers and her confidence in selling herself. Kaitlin leaned into her people skills and started leveling up her client attraction systems. She began landing more dream clients at rates that reflected how she wanted to serve them. Kaitlin has a 6-figure business doing what she loves and she also helps support our newer members through mentorship. 

Meet your Coaches

Lianne Kim - Business Strategy 

Lianne Kim is the Head Coach of A-Players. She is the Founder and CEO of Mamas & Co. and her mission is to help women build successful, profitable businesses that light them up. Lianne has spent the last 20+ years in sales and marketing and has coached thousands of women over the last decade through her various coaching programs and community. Lianne helps our coaches build out their business strategy and provides them with accountability and ongoing support so they can achieve their 90-day vision. 

Chernell Bartholomew - Mindset 

Chernell, the A-Players Mindset Coach, is the mom to 3 beautiful girls, a Certified Health Coach, Ritz-Carlton Award winning Registered Massage Therapist, and a Personal Trainer. With over 16 years of experience in health and wellness, her passion is to help exhausted moms put themselves first again, get out of their own way, and stop limiting their potential. Her positive non-judgemental approach helps our A-Players realize that they have the power to question old habits and start making real big moves! Chernell knows your success is directly related to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and she gives you the space to explore and feel like the best version of yourself.

Amanda Casinha - Marketing

Amanda Casinha is the Marketing Coach of A-Players. She is the Founder and CEO of Grind Social Media, a full-service Social Media Marketing and Consulting Agency. After building a seven-figure business in her twenties, she is now passionate about using her fifteen-plus years in marketing to help other businesses grow online. Amanda loves to help other female entrepreneurs find their voice online, cultivate the power of community and realize that content truly is everywhere.

Britteney Ofodile - Sales

Britteney Ofodile, the A-Players Sales Coach, is the Founder and CEO of Britteney and Co. a.k.a. Britteney the Coach. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs build confidence in sales to build business that fire them up! Britteney has spent the last 20+ years in sales and leadership and is now helping other entrepreneurs unleash these same skills to catapult their businesses to new heights. Her clients have seen tremendous success and growth in confidence and sales strategy to build strong and profitable businesses.

Why 4 Coaches? 

We believe that 4 heads are better than one. While we know you want access to Lianne Kim and her genius, after years of running this program, we know that our A-Players also benefit from different skill sets and perspectives. We've chosen to focus on the 4 main areas where our women need the most help; business strategy, sales, marketing and mindset and we've found experts in each of these areas who are here to help you get further faster. 


What's included in A-Players Group Coaching?

A-Players includes a variety of 1:1 and group support designed to help you achieve your goals in the fastest amount of time, with the most joy and ease. That's why, as a program participant, you'll receive: 

  • Access to all program benefits for the duration of the program: May 23 - August 22, 2024
  • A full-day Virtual Kick-Off Session on Thursday May 23 (9:30 - 2:30 pm ET) 
  • Weekly Group Coaching/ Momentum sessions (Thursdays 12:00 - 1:30pm ET) 
  • 1 x Private Strategy Session with Lianne 
  • 1 x Marketing Coaching Session with our Marketing Coach 
  • 1 x Mindset Coaching Session with our Mindset Coach
  • 1 x Sales Coaching Session with our Sales Coach 
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for program participants

A-Player Program Dates

  • Thursday May 23 - Full Day Strategy Jam
  • Thurs. May 30 - Coaching call
  • Thurs. June 6 - Momentum Call
  • Thurs. June 13 - Coaching Call
  • Thurs. June 20 - Momentum Call
  • Thurs. June 27 - Coaching Call
  • Thurs. July 4 - Momentum Call
  • Thurs. July 11 - Coaching Call
  • Thurs. July 18 - Momentum Call
  • Thurs. July 25 - Coaching Call
  • Thurs. August 1 - Momentum Call
  • Thurs. August 8 - Coaching Call
  • Thurs. August 15 - Momentum Call
  • Thurs. August 22 - Closing Celebration

*Note: All group coaching calls are 90 minutes, from 12:00 - 1:30pm ET, unless otherwise stated. 



Q: I'm nervous to make a big investment. How will I know A-Players is right for me?

A: You're right! Business coaching is a big investment, that's why we promise to help you make an informed decision. The best way for us to do that is to connect with you in a discovery call so we can learn about your business and your goals. If A-Players is the right path for you, we will let you know how to take the next steps. Note that our discovery calls are *zero-obligation*. You will not be pressured into buying anything you are not ready for. We pride ourselves on our ability to select only the right individuals for this program. You can book your discovery call HERE


Q: Who else is in A-Players? 

A: The women in A-Players are all moms who have their own business. They are typically within their first few years of business and they are looking to grow. Our A-Players are kind, smart, generous and helpful women who want to see you succeed. They are women who, like you, don't have everything figured out just yet, but their are determined to create success. They are seriously some of the best people you will ever meet. 

For more specific examples, scroll up on this screen and read the bios of our past A-Players. 


Q: What are the program dates? 

A: A-Players is a 90-day program that runs from May 23 - August 22, 2024


Q: How often is A-Players offered? 

A: We only open A-Players enrollment 3 times per year. It is typically offered starting in September, January and summer. 


Q: What's the difference between A-Players and the Mamas & Co. community? 

A: The Mamas & Co. community is an incredible, low-cost way to gain access to basic business training, weekly live coaching and a wonderful community. But it is not nearly as intensive as A-Players and it does not include any 1:1 support with Lianne or any of our coaches. While the community is a great place to get your feet wet, we find the real work begins in A-Players.  


Q: What's the investment?

A: The full cost of the program is $4995 or 6 payments of $845. However depending on when you enrol there may be certain bonuses or early bird incentives.


Q: What if I can't attend all the group calls?

A: That's OK, you're a busy mama and we get it. All group calls are recorded for your convenience, so if you can't attend live, just catch the replay. 


Q: How much 1:1 coaching will I get? 

A: Through the 90 days, you will receive one private coaching call with Lianne Kim as well as a private call with each of our coaches. You also have Voxer access to Lianne throughout the program. Most of our A-Players find we provide the perfect balance of group coaching, 1:1 support and peer support. 


Q: I'm also considering private business coaching, how is this different? 

A: With private coaching you gain access to one main expert. With A-Players you get access to a few incredible business experts in various fields. You also gain the support of a vital peer group. Because of the group coaching element, we are able to keep A-Players fees significantly lower than private coaching options. If you're still on the fence, the best thing to do is book a call HERE so we can help you make an informed decision as to which path is right for you. 


Q: I'm not sure Lianne is the right coach for me, what should I do? 

A: The best way to find out is to book a call. This way you can connect with Lianne and get a sense of her style and ability to help you achieve results. While listening to her podcast or coming to her webinars is helpful, the only real way you can now if a coach is right for you is to talk with them. You can book your call HERE


Q: I can't afford A-Players right now, what are my options?

A: A-Players offers a very generous payment plan, so if paying in full is challenging, just know that we have a lower monthly option that might suit your needs better. If that is still not do-able just yet we recommend you listen to the podcast or perhaps considering joining the community at a much lower price point. It's not as effective as A-Players is, but it's a place to start.


Q: I'm not sure if I'm ready to join A-Players right now, how can I know for sure? 

A: Once again, the only way to know if this is the right move for you and your business right now is to book a call. We'll help you uncover your goals and assess if this decision is right for you. You can book that call HERE


Q: OK, I'm in! Where do I sign up? 

A: The first step is to book your enrollment call HERE. Once you do, you'll be prompted to complete a short form that will help us accurately assess your business needs. We'll share the payment options with you and help you secure your spot. Once your spot is confirmed with payment, we will send you all the necessary next steps, to help you get primed and ready for our kick off day.

Find out if A-Players is right for You!