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You Can Make MORE MONEY, FEEL MORE JOY & CONNECTION, and IMPACT MORE LIVES in Just 90 DAYS with A-Players Rapid Impact Business Coaching Experience!


Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • I'm ready to move the needle in my business, but I'm not sure how.
  • I want to maximize the reach of my business, without having to constantly hustle.
  • I want to be part of a supportive crew that will allow me feel true connection and support.


I've been exactly where you are, so I know how it all feels.

You want nothing more than to grow your business, but you find it impossible to focus because of all the other sh*t that's constantly thrown your way.

You just want to see some darn RESULTS already, but you are not getting any closer to your goals despite all the time and energy you keep investing.

If you are ready to get next level support, coaching, accountability, and resources from this community, it's time to consider joining A-Players.

Meet your Coach

Hi. My name is Lianne Kim, best-selling author of "Building a Joyful Business", host of "The Business of Thinking Big" podcast and founder and CEO of Mamas & Co.

With more than two decades of sales and marketing experience and 7+ years experience as a renowned business coach, it’s both my passion AND my life’s mission to help mompreneurs build profitable businesses that absolutely light them up. I've helped thousands of women JUST like you through my courses, community and coaching.


What Exactly is the "A-Players" Business Coaching Program?

  • You'll learn how to break down the overwhelming To-Do List of your business, and prioritize the things that will actually "move the needle" for you. 
  • I will help you break down your intimidating goals into an easily actionable strategy plan. 
  • You will get strategic business coaching and learn how to overcome your "imposter syndrome", and find your confidence and courage again. 
  • This program will strategically guide you through 3 key areas of your business in just 90 days: we dedicate a month each to Mindset, Marketing, and Money. 
  • There's so much to learn about Marketing, it can be overwhelming. But my program will help you narrow down the Marketing strategies that are simple and effective - with proven results!
  • You will learn how to grow your revenue, manage it, and anticipate MORE revenue month over month!
  • You will be able to network and learn from fellow A-Players, like-minded mompreneurs just like YOU. 


  • From Day One, you will get a group strategy jam where you will be guided through a series of time-tested proven exercises designed to help you really get a handle on your business. You will leave knowing WHO your dream client is, have a PLAN to serving that clientele, and tangible 90-day GOALS.
  • You'll have regular bi-weekly group coaching calls, that are 90-minutes of laser-focused coaching, accountability, and strategic feedback. 
  • You'll get two 1:1 private coaching calls with me, as well as UNLIMITED voxer message support with me. 
  • You will get access to an exclusive Facebook Forum, where you will be surrounded by supportive and knowledgeable mompreneur peers.
  • A-Players allows you to get access to industry experts and training at a fraction of the price of other coaching programs (SO WORTH IT!)
  • Our program is DELIBERATELY designed to be small and tight-knit, so there are limited spots ONLY reserved for hardworking mompreneurs who are determined to succeed. You'll want to book your spot QUICKLY, before they fill up!


A-Players is available by application only. Your first step is to book a 30-Minute Strategy Session with Lianne Kim, where we will discuss your business goals and assess if A-Players is the right program for you.

Meet some A-Player Graduates

Rebecca L., Music School Owner

In a few short months, I've increased my school's enrollment by 50%, streamlined my sales process, upleveled my leadership skills, and set my sales targets for the next year. It's been an incredible journey that wouldn't have been possible without Lianne's focused guidance, and the invaluable input of the other entrepreneurs in the group. Not only has Lianne been amazing to work with as a business coach, she's cultivated a cohesive group of people who now support and encourage each other.

Sacha L., Architect

Working with Lianne in the small group setting as caused a huge shift in my mindset, goals and workflow. I have raised my standards for project size and scope, raised my rates and solidified systems that allow me to work better and with more consistency. Lianne helped me create a team and schedule that work for my lifestyle and profession, and I feel like my business is being set up for so much future growth. The group atmosphere is wonderful for getting different perspectives on what you're working on - and for making you realize that you're not alone!

Dee B., Digital Marketing Strategist

A-Players has allowed me to fully embrace saying yes to what I truly want in my life and business and no to what doesn't bring me joy. I have learned how to re-evaluate my income and services and now feel more confident with how I will meet my business goals! I'm on a journey to scale. Lianne and the inspirational ladies in A-Players are the perfect guides!

Janet, Dance Teacher

Being in A-Players has helped me to get clear on my business model and the direction I am going.  As I gain massive momentum in my business, I feel confident and supported with Lianne and the other mamas in the group. What a feeling it is to be on purpose, making a living doing what I love, and continuing to dance through it all! 

Melanie T., Voice Therapist

Since starting group coaching, I've created a schedule that allows me the freedom to explore my passions, the time to be present with my girls and my husband, and I'm already on track to double my revenue this year! I've finally got clarity on what success looks like for me - and I have a plan to make sure I'm living my best life. It's exhilarating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Program Dates
The majority of the group coaching sessions will be approx. 1.5 hours in duration on Thursday afternoons. Exact times TBA.

All events above are virtual (Zoom). 

We encourage you to try to attend as many group coaching calls as possible, and join us live to get the most interactive experience.

If you miss one, a recording will be available and provided to you in your A-Players website access.

We cover a variety of topics focused on these three pillars: Mindset, Marketing and Money. 

Not only will you hear from Lianne, but we will also invite various industry thought-leaders to share their expertise with us in some of the sessions.


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