Friday, November 10th, Toronto Canada


Friday November 10, 2023

Toronto, Canada


Imagine an entire day filled with business inspiration and genuine connection with Mamapreneurs just like you. Sounds magical, doesn't it?

Well, it is! 


MAMACON is the biggest and longest-standing conference for Mamapreneurs in Canada.

It's a day to join forces with the most passionate, powerful mom entrepreneurs, share ideas, learn and grow together. 
With over 250 guests in attendance, this is one of the largest, most exciting gatherings for women looking to balance entrepreneurship and motherhood, Now in its 8th year, MamaCon is officially the longest-standing conference of its kind in the area, and we are so excited and honoured to spend this day with YOU! 


If you identify as a "mother" and you have a business, or even if you are just thinking of starting a business, MamaCon is for YOU. We welcome business owners of all ages, stages, industries and experience levels.  
And this year we are so proud to announce that ALL proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to our charitable initiative, the Mamapreneur Fund, which provides funding and support for moms in business. 



MamaCon is THE premiere event dedicated exclusively to mama entrepreneurs. MamaCon is for anyone who identifies as a "mother" who has their own business or is thinking of starting a business.  

We welcome everyone from the newbie business owners to the seasoned entrepreneurs and everything in between. We value women at every stage of business, because we know first hand how important it is to surround yourself with people who are going where you want to go, working on the same things that you are! 


MamaCon is the brainchild of seasoned entrepreneur and Business Coach, Lianne Kim. Lianne has spent over twenty years in sales and marketing for small and growing businesses. She started working with female entrepreneurs back in 2014 when she created a small, online space for local business women to connect. 

Since that time, Lianne has coached thousands of women, written two books, spoken on countless stages, and is the host of the wildly popular podcast, the Business of Thinking Big. Lianne's # 1 passion is helping mamas build joyful, profitable businesses, so they can live their wildest dreams. 



Lianne is also the founder of Mamas & Co. a community for mamapreneurs. Each year the women behind her community come together to host the biggest, most exciting event of the year, MamaCon. If you are looking to be surrounded by incredible women who are making a difference doing what they love, this is it! 


Lianne Kim

Founder & CEO, Mamas & Co. 

Lianne Kim is a Business Coach and the founder of Mamas & Co. - a community for mama entrepreneurs. She is the host of the wildly popular podcast 'The Business of Thinking Big' and the author of the bestselling book 'Building a Joyful Business'.

Lianne is on a mission to help women make a great living on their own terms, doing what they love.

Amanda Casinha

Founder & CEO, Grind Social Media


Amanda Casinha is the Founder and CEO of Grind Social Media, a full-service Social Media Marketing and Consulting Agency. After building a seven-figure business in her twenties, she is now passionate about using her fifteen-plus years in marketing to help other businesses grow online. Amanda loves to help other female entrepreneurs find their voice online, cultivate the power of community, and realize that content truly is everywhere.

Rebecca Lane

Director, Lane School of Music


Rebecca Lane is a music studio strategist, motivational speaker, and the director of The Lane School of Music. She began bootstrapping her music studio from the spare room of her home over ten years ago with a handful of private violin students.  Now the mother of three children, a boss to over fifty team members, and three brick-and-mortar locations of her music school, Rebecca's mission is to motivate others to dream big and build their empires.

Nathalie Amlani

Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur


Nathalie Amlani is a multi-talented entrepreneur, a best selling author, host of the Focal Tangent: Perspectives That Shift podcast, and holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management. Her expertise include brand strategy, photography and project management which she regularly flexes as the visionary founder of Pictonat Photography. Her mission is to empower women in business to celebrate their authentic selves, showcase their passions and elevate their personal brands online. 

Britteney Ofodile

Founder & CEO, Britteney and Co.


AKA Britteney the Coach, Britteney Ofodile, is a dynamic entrepreneur on a mission to transform the world of sales. Britteney has achieved remarkable milestones, solidifying partnerships with industry giants like Grow with Google and Bank of America. You can find her on numerous podcasts sharing insights with prominent female entrepreneurs, and most recently hosting the first HerMove Workshop with incredible success sparking more collaboration to hold these sessions in cities across the United States and Canada. With unwavering determination and unparalleled expertise, Britteney's goal is clear: to empower entrepreneurs, instill confidence in sales, and ignite businesses that radiate passion. 


(All times are listed in ET and are subject to change.)

9:00 - Registration & Networking

9:30 - Welcome Address

9:50 - Keynote: The Power of Purpose Lianne Kim 

10:20 - Honouring our Milestone Members

10:40 - Morning Break

11:00 - Keynote: Building your Dream Business Rebecca Lane

12:00 - Lunch Break & Networking

1:30 - Keynote:  Marketing made Easy with Marketing Experts

2:10 - Breakout Sessions & Networking

3:00 - Afternoon Break

3:15 - Closing Exercise: Lianne Kim

4:15 - Awards & Mamapreneur Fund Presentation

4:45 - Networking & Goodbyes

5:00 - Event Concludes


6:00 - Exclusive VIP Reception (VIP ticket holders only)

9:00 - Registration & Networking

9:30 - Welcome Address

9:50 - Keynote: The Power of Purpose Lianne Kim 

10:20 - Honouring our Milestone Members

10:40 - Morning Break

11:00 - Keynote: Building your Dream Business Rebecca Lane

12:00 - Lunch Break & Networking

1:30 - Keynote: Marketing made Easy with Marketing Experts

2:10 - Breakout Sessions & Networking

3:00 - Afternoon Break

3:15 - Closing Exercise: Lianne Kim

4:15 - Awards & Mamapreneur Fund Presentation

4:45 - Networking & Goodbyes

5:00 - Event Concludes


6:00 - Exclusive VIP Reception (VIP ticket holders only)



The Globe & Mail Centre
351 King Street East
Toronto, Canada 

MamaCon will be held on the 17th floor of the stunning Globe & Mail Centre, downtown Toronto. Picture a sea of smiling faces inside a light-filled space, sure to delight and inspire you. Get away from the everyday tasks and routines of Mamapreneurship and come and join us for a day of connection and fun! 


Lea P., Realtor

This was my first time attending MamaCon & I have to say, I felt so welcomed. This really is a very special group of mompreneurs. I've been to other events that feel kind of stiff and stale, but this one is so joyful. You learn a lot, but you also build powerful relationships that. can help you take your business to the next level. Even though I didn't know many people, I instantly felt like I belonged. I will be back! 

Nikki S., Marketing Expert & MamaCon speaker 

"MamaCon in Toronto swept me off my feet with its heartwarming and welcoming community. Not only was I captivated by the personal stories shared, but the energy of all participants was simply contagious! Lianne and her team seamlessly combined classiness and fun, featuring top-notch vendors in a stunning venue with breathtaking views for a thoughtfully orchestrated event." 

Victoria S., Photographer

"Mamacon is THE event of the year - it's not to be missed, and the place to be! Being involved in the day also elevates not only the experience, but the networks, leads, face time, authority and visibility within such a valuable and influential community of women-led businesses and dream clients all in one room. Thank you Mamas & Co. for such an incredible day that still continues to have lasting business impacts!"

Andrea M, Skincare Business & MamaCon Sponsor

"MamaCon is a powerful experience for mamas in business. The energy is magnetic and the connections you make there with like minded female entrepreneurs could ultimately be what moves the needle in your business. Such a special opportunity to push the boundaries for what’s possible through education, growth and connection."

Cindy W., Fundraising Consultant

"I've been attending MamaCon for the last several years and each year it gets better and better. The speakers, the energy... there really isn't another event like this anywhere. The quality of the people and the value in the networking is something that I haven't seen at any other business event. This community really wants to see you succeed and I'm still in touch with many of the mamas I met at this event years ago. If you are a mom with a business or plans to start a business, this is THE event to be at."





As 2023 Ticket holder you will get:
  • Access to the full day conference on Friday Nov. 10, 2023
  • Swag Bag filled with valuable items and exclusive offers 
  • Coffee, tea, water and snacks throughout the day
  • Networking with your fellow mamapreneurs
  • Printed conference workbook

Frequently Asked Questions

🎉 Who else will be at MamaCon? 

MamaCon is for anyone who identifies as a female and a mom, who has their own business or is thinking of starting a business. We pride ourselves on bringing together smart, interesting women across many different backgrounds, industries, and stages of business. Seriously, our attendees are truly incredible people. 


🎉 When is MamaCon and how long is it? 

MamaCon takes place on Friday November 10th. We start in the morning and we wrap around 5:00pm. However, you'll likely want to attend our VIP afterparty as well which takes place from 6:00 - 9:00pm. 


🎉 Where does MamaCon take place? 

MamaCon takes place at the stunning Globe & Mail Centre at 351 King St. East on the 17th floor. 


🎉 How do I get to MamaCon? 

The Globe & Mail Centre is centrally located in the heart of downtown Toronto. While we do provide parking information, we highly recommend taking transit or using a ride share service. 


🎉 What if I am from out of town? 

Not to worry, a large portion of our guests do not live in Toronto. Once you purchase your MamaCon ticket we will follow up with hotel and travel information as needed. We always offer at least a few hotels for you to choose from. 


🎉 I'm brand new to business, is MamaCon right for me? 

Yes! At least 50% of our attendees would identify as "new to business" with many of our guests still at the side-hustle or idea phase. 


🎉 I am a seasoned business owner, is MamaCon right for me? 

Yes! While we are very open to all stages of entrepreneurs, we ensure the content we cover is applicable to all business ages and stages. 


🎉 What if I don't know anyone? Will I feel awkward? 

Not at all! MamaCon is very welcoming to new people with at least 40% of our audience being brand new to us. We also offer structured networking opportunities throughout the day so you have no option but to get to know people! Many guests come knowing no one and leave with a bunch of new business friends and connections. 


🎉 I'm not really a conference person, what's the vibe? 

MamaCon is likely the most fun, inspiring "conference" you've ever been to. In fact, it's more like a fun day out with your girlfriends than an actual conference. Think: empowering, joyful, and positive energy all around and you're on the right track. 


🎉 Can I promote my business at MamaCon?

Yes! There are plenty of opportunities throughout the day for you to connect with others and share what you do. We encourage you to come with business cards and a polished "elevator pitch" as you will most definitely want them! 


🎉 I'm interested in being a sponsor. What should I do? 

Due to popular demand, we have very limited sponsorship spots available. Please email [email protected] and we can share any remaining sponsorship opportunities with you. 


🎉 I already have a business coach/community/networking group. Is MamaCon right for me?

Heck Ya! Many of our mamas are always working with a coach or mentor and yet they always find value in what we share. This is not about taking away what you're already doing and learning, it's about adding to your vault of experiences and insights. Not to mention, this is a great way to build out your network as you're guaranteed to meet new people. 


🎉 How is MamaCon different from other entrepreneurial events? 

We've been to a lot of entrepreneurial events and they all offer something unique. MamaCon is specifically designed to support those juggling the growing demands of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Which means no boring men in suits droning on and on about strategies that don't work for busy mamas. You can expect speakers and content that support your unique journey as a mamapreneur. 


🎉 How is MamaCon different from other Mom events? 

MamaCon is really all about thriving in business and motherhood. All of our speakers, exercises, and activities are geared to those who have their own business or are thinking about starting a business. 


🎉 This will be my first time at MamaCon. What do I need to know?  

Not to worry, we will send you everything you need to make the day a success for you, well in advance of November 10th. From getting to and from the event to what to bring on the day... we cover it all once you've purchased your ticket. 


🎉 I'm interested in joining Mamas & Co. Should I attend MamaCon? 

Yes! We always offer some form of bonus to those attendees who decide to make the leap and join our community while at the conference. If becoming a Mamas & Co. member has been on your radar, this would be the perfect way to kickstart that journey. 


🎉 November 10th doesn't work for my schedule? When is the next MamaCon? 

Unfortunately this event happens only once a year. Our suggestion is to book the day off work, arrange childcare and basically do whatever it takes to be there. We promise, you will not be disappointed. 


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