Giving back to our community has always been a big part of the Mamas & Co. mission. That's why we established the Mamapreneur Fund in 2018, solidifying our commitment to providing financial assistance to deserving mamas within our community. These women truly embody the Mamas & Co. spirit and values, and have a deep desire to make a positive impact on the world.

This year we were delighted to honour 8 finalists, spanning many different industries, ages and stages of business. Each finalist received both a financial grant and a complimentary ticket to MamaCon 2023.

The 2022 Winners

On October 28th, 2022 we awarded the Grand Prize worth $25,000 to Britteney Ofodile, whose positive energy and determination won over our judging panel. Britteney has big plans to help the next generation of female business owners. She has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence since joining our Mamas & Co. in early 2022, and has quickly become one of the most magnetic, beloved members, always fostering relationships inside and outside of our community. We are so proud of Britteney and all our finalists.

Grand Prize: Britteney Ofodile - @britteney_coach⁠




Britteney Ofodile - @britteney_coach⁠ (Grand Prize)

Jesi Whelan - @phoenixpreworn⁠ (2nd place winner)

Marnie Madras - @rumbly_co⁠ (3rd place winner)

Fran Murray -

Krysti Beckett - @the.confident.mama

Saira Remtulla - @connectedstart⁠

Sara Dodd - @the_phoenix_canine⁠

Stephanie Muskat - @compassionincaregiving⁠



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