We believe in the power of learning from others who have gone before us. That's why we are pleased to introduce you to our 2022/2023 Mama Mentors, who assist with both our educational content and our accountability programs. These mentors are experienced, successful and generous souls who we are grateful to showcase within our community.

Amanda Casinha

Amanda is a serial entrepreneur and built her first 7-figure business in her 20's! With over 15 years experience in Branding, Digital Marketing + Social Media, she’s here to show you how to scale your business online - stress free! The name of her business is Grind Social Media + Co.

What she says about us:

“I love the community and networking opportunities!”

Fran Murray

Fran is a food network competitor, author as well as founder & CEO of Fran Murray Co. Fran Murray Co. is a boutique gifting agency that helps high ticket businesses effortlessly nurture key relationships through experiential giftings. Fran combines hand-crafted gourmet confections with carefully selected products from local women & BIPOC owned businesses. Fran's attention to detail, stunning curations and thoughtful execution allow her busy clients to reclaim their time, energy and financial resources.

Julia Donnelly O'Neill

Julia is an Ontario Certified Elementary Teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching and the founder of Toronto Nature School (TNS). TNS is a thriving alternative education option staffed by a team of wonderful, enthusiastic teachers. Toronto Nature School offers camps and classes for children of all ages. Julia is the mother / chaos coordinator of three young kids.

What she says about us:

I love being a part of a community of so many inspiring women. To have a space to ask questions, access learning materials and learn from each other is incredibly valuable as an entrepreneur and a busy mama. "

Kaely Harrod

Kaely, founder of Harrod Doula Services, has been supporting families for 13 years. She runs a successful doula business education families about birth and coaching doulas through business.

What she says about us:

I love the ability to support, be supported and grow alongside the other mama business owners in Mamas & Co. It is so helpful to have a community you can go to for questions, concerns, accountability and mutual celebration. Every business owner needs that!"

Jennifer Friedman

Jennifer Friedman is a registered dietitian, author, and the founder of Jenny Friedman Nutrition, a virtual practice that helps parents of super picky eaters get their kids comfortable trying new foods.

What she says about us:

All the bad ass mamas! Everyone is an inspiration (corny but true)."

Brenda Brix

Brenda, founder of AMR Design, boasts 20+ years of interior design experience, leading an exceptional team focused on transforming clients homes. She is passionate about aspiring women entrepreneaurs to live abundantly.

What she says about us:

Women uplifting women"

Susana Carrasco

Susana Carrasco is graphic designer and co-founder of Diamonds Media Group Inc., your one stop shop for any graphic design, printing and signage needs.

What she says about us:

I love the community, Lianne and the connections she helps us make with all the amazing and inspiring mamas."

Kerry Rizzo

Award winning Investment Advisor, Financial Educator and Intentional Spender. Wife and Mom of three. Female Founder, Owner and Advocate for the under-represented and unheard. Raving fan of equal opportunity, fairness, thriftiness and humility.

What she says about us:

The spirit of friendship, community, inclusiveness and support."

Natacha Pennycooke

Natacha Pennycooke is a Mindset Shift Coach, Leader in Workplace Mental Health & Safety, and an award-winning Psychotherapist. With over 13 years of experience, Natacha's passion is helping professionals shift their mindset away from internalized limiting beliefs & fears, and embrace their power & purpose to create the thriving life they want. Let's work together:

What she says about us:

“I love the community, accountability and the mutual understanding of the joys of balancing motherhood and business ownership."

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