We believe in the power of learning from others who have gone before us. That's why we are pleased to introduce you to our 2022/2023 Mama Mentors, who assist with both our educational content and our accountability programs. These mentors are experienced, successful and generous souls who we are grateful to showcase within our community.

Le Man Ha

Le Man is a mom of 3 school-aged children and together with her husband, Anthony, runs a successful photography business. Lemons & Ants Studios is first known for their beautiful newborn portraits but also their candid and natural approach to wedding, family and branding photography.  With years of hard work, she has played an integral role in guiding their business to the success they see today, allowing them both to work on the business full time while being a present and tentative mother.

What she says about us:

What drew me to Mamas & Co. was being in a safe space with like-minded individuals: small business owners and entrepreneurs who are also always balancing work and life as a mom.

Andrea Krones & Kelley Gibson

Andrea & Kelley co-own Inkling Design, a full service graphic design & website development studio working to empower women to take control of their brand and online presence. We specialize in beautiful, functional, easy-to-maintain WordPress websites.


What they say about us:

"We love being part of such a supportive community filled with strong women who are passionate about their business. The access to learning resources, weekly coaching, and business support are of incredible value to women at any stage of their business journey."

Amanda Casinha

Amanda is a serial entrepreneur and built her first 7-figure business in her 20's! With over 15 years experience in Branding, Digital Marketing + Social Media, she’s here to show you how to scale your business online - stress free! The name of her business is Grind Social Media + Co.

What she says about us:

“I love the community and networking opportunities!”

Tiomi Gao

Blair Ann Studios in the heart of Port Credit Mississauga offers Luxury Glamour & Boudoir Portrait Experience with an editorial twist for everyday people! Taking care of all the little details, from “what to wear”, “makeup & hair“ and “how to pose”, so you don’t have to.

What she says about us:

"Connections, inspirations, guidance, continued learning, opportunities, support and accountability. These are words that comes to mind when I think about Mamas & Co. As an small business owner, the journey can be one of solitude. Through Mamas & Co, I found community! “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.”- Ratan

Andrea Mourad

Andrea Mourad is the founder and owner of Orora Skin ScienceNorth America's first and only vegan, bioidentical human collagen skincare line. 

What she says about us:

“The connections, the uplifting community, positivity, support, the Monday coaching calls, the opportunities to grow & shine, and that Lianne leads by example. There is just so much to love about this very unique and special group."

Kaitlin Sandor-Kerr

Having worked in the corporate HR sphere for 15 years, Kaitlin Sandor-Kerr saw the need for people-driven decision-making and empathetic leaders. Now, through Support Panda, she supports small and midsized businesses, leading them to provide an employment experience they can be proud of.

What she says about us:

"I adore the support we get from each other and the shared mindset of 'We can do this!"

Adrienne Shnier

Dr. Adrienne Shnier, M.A., Ph.D., J.D., is a mother and founder of two companies. Adrienne is Founder, CEO, and Advancement Coach & Strategist of Apply Yourself: The Advancement Spot Inc., where she holistically, healthily, and strategically teaches university and mature applicants how to achieve lives beyond their wildest dreams, often starting with graduate and professional school applications, as an Admissions Committee Member. Our clients receive admission to Ivy League schools globally.

What she says about us:

“Mamas & Co. is a community of like-minded, business-building and growing, welcoming, no BS mamas!"

Lusiana Lukman & Wanda Bussiere

As a third-generation teacher, Lusiana Lukman has been teaching piano in Canada since 1991. Her mastery and love for teaching inspired her to start the Classical Music Conservatory (CMC) in Toronto in 1997. Wanda Bussiere, her partner in business and life, joined running CMC as Co-Director in 2005.


What they say about us:

Lusiana: "I love that I'm in a group of mothers who are business owners & like-minded like me."

Wanda: "I love how members in this community are so supportive and encouraging of each other in order to help one another succeed."

Nancy Macdonald

Nancy Macdonald, Owner and Founder of Art Studio (not just) For Children, has made beauty with over 6500 artists of all ages. Nancy's unique charm, humour and life lessons work their way through every spectacular canvas.

What she says about us:

I love the community, accountability, creative problem solving, resources, training, support, kindness, agreements, honesty and the chance to grow and give back simultaneously.

Amanda Leach

Amanda is a Realtor servicing primarily York Region and Simcoe County. She specializes in families looking to upsize and invest in their families futures.

What she says about us:

I love the community. Being surrounded by powerful female entrepreneurs who are in the same life phase (motherhood) as I am in, gives me the confidence and connection I need as an entrepreneur. This community has helped me grow both personally and professionally and the relationships I have made along the way with my fellow members is invaluable."

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