We believe in the power of learning from others who have gone before us. That's why we are pleased to introduce you to our 2021 Mama Mentors, who assist with both our educational content and our accountability programs. These mentors are experienced, successful and generous souls who we are grateful to showcase within our community.

Rebecca Lane

From humble beginnings in the spare room of her home, Rebecca built Upper Beaches Music School into a sprawling music school on one of East Toronto's most prominent corners. She undoubtedly has the bricks-and-mortar service business expertise to help you build yours.

What she says about us:

“The Mamas & Co. community has been my go-to place for every resource I've needed to grow my business. Whether it's the live weekly coaching with Lianne, the library of courses, or the wealth of knowledge in the members, this incredible group of women has been a massive player in the success of my business.”

Sabrina Greer

Sabrina is a woman of many hats, though her superpower is definitely empowering others to stand in their greatness. Sabrina is a Clarity Coach, a publisher, a best-selling author and podcast host all under the YGTMama (You've Got This Mama) umbrella. She has coined the title Brain Baby Doula for her transformational work and ability to help mission driven women "birth their brain babies!"

What she says about us:

“I love the community and ability to trust the caliber of support and resources.”

Alana Kayfetz

Alana is the founder of MomsToronto and the creator of Her area of genius is using social media to create community. Alana is notable for engaging and creating raving fans, and then turning them into raving customers.

What she says about us:

"I love Mamas & Co. and my membership with the community, because the quality of women involved is top shelf! The perks of membership are numerous, and I highly recommend taking part.”

Supriya Mehra

Supriya is the founder of a creative collective community and host of the podcast Curators Club. With over a decade of experience in the creative events industry along with her CPA background, Supriya provides her valuable expertise through mentor ship and coaching programs to female entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their businesses.

What she says about us:

"Mamas & Co. is a close-knit community of passionate mama entrepreneurs who love supporting each other."

Jayne Dykstra

Jayne and her team at JnH Bookkeeping are passionate about empowering you through your numbers. Get on top of your taxes and understand where your business is taking you under their caring guidance.

What she says about us:

“The Mamas & Co. community is made up of business owners who support and understand each other and are dedicated to seeing each other succeed. Amazing connections and friendships are made all the time!“

Shayna Beeksma

With over 8 years of experience, Shayna is an award-winning lawyer and founder of Beeksma Law Professional Corporation. An entirely virtual practice, specializing in business law, estate law, real estate law and civil litigation.

What she says about us:

"I love the camaraderie, the resources, and the support"

Chelsea Stroud

Chelsea is the Co-Founder of Parker Stroud Real Estate. A full-service real estate team that helps families buy and sell real estate so they can live the lives they dream of.

What she says about us:

“I have always loved Mamas & Co. for the business relationships I’ve developed. I love that the community is there to help at almost any time of day, and the diversity of business types allows me to think outside the box when I’m developing systems for my business.“


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