Our members are most definitely the best thing about our community. We are proud to attract incredible “mom bosses” with a wide array of business types, backgrounds and skills.

We have members from all walks of life who have all achieved amazing things in their lives and their businesses. Each one brings something unique and special to the table.

We wanted to share a few of our members right here, so you can get a sense of who you’ll be connecting with once you join!

Nathalie Amlani, Photographer

Nathalie is the owner of Pictonat Photography. She specializes in family portrait and personal branding photography. Through her branding work, she helps business owners create a strong personal brand online with authentic images that tell a story to build connection and trust with their audience. Fun fact: Nathalie has shot a number of Mamas & Co. member businesses such as Mumnet and MomsTO, and her images appear throughout the Mamas & Co. website.

What she says about us:

“I enjoy being a member of Mamas & Co. because it’s such an active and supportive community. I am continuously learning, which has helped grow my business to new heights. The variety of events offered is priceless and my network has expanded significantly since joining!”

Candice Tulsieram, Event Professional 

Candice is the Chief Event Strategist at 360 Events Inc., a company she founded to combine her love of planning events with her passion for the environment. With over 12 years of experience in the events industry, her experience runs the gamut from multi-day conferences, educational seminars, galas, and client appreciation events in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. Visiting her favourite spas, travelling and spending quality time with her two amazing boys and her hubby are part of this mama's cherished moments.

What she says about us:

"Mamas & Co. has been my go-to resource when I need answers, advice or a sounding board as I navigate the challenges of my entrepreneurial journey. The energy, passion and enthusiasm of the members is infectious and I am so honoured to be part of this group. Thank you to Lianne and her team for creating such a wonderful community!”

Allison Villa, Online Couple’s Councellor, RP

Allison is a wife, mama of 2 and a registered psychotherapist. She is also the co-founder of House and Hook, a website dedicated to keeping couples' thriving throughout parenthood. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Allison and her family are currently living in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

What she says about us:

“As a 3-year member of Mamas & Co., I have thoroughly enjoyed the support of the online community and virtual events while living abroad, in Mexico. In fact, I found my amazing mastermind group through this community! This experienced group of entrepreneurs lift and support each other in every way.”

Dr. Stacy Thomas, Clinical Psychologist + Speaker

Dr. Stacy is a Clinical Psychologist on a mission to democratize mental health. She is CEO of the Design Your Life centre, creator of the Growing Forward Journal, and the recent host of the Mindful World Parenting Summit, a free, 7 day, online event that brought together the world's top authorities in the areas of parenting, mental health, brain science and mindfulness, such as Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Ekhart Tolle. Dr. Stacy is a beloved member of our community and spoke at our 2018 MamaCon Conference.

What she says about us:

"Mama's & Co. has been my go-to source for anything I need for my business or otherwise.  In fact, it was one of the first places I turned to when recruiting contributors for the Mindful World Parenting Summit.  Why?  Because helping our members is just what we do here. I am so grateful for all of the support this community have given me and feel blessed to be able to return the favour by empowering fellow mom-bosses in any way I can."

Jennifer Singh, Media Coach

Jennifer is a former reporter turned media coach and entrepreneur. She worked in the Canadian broadcast industry for over 15 years as a reporter, producer and writer for the country's major media outlets including Global, CTV and the CBC. She is the founder of She’s Newsworthy, and is passionate about helping women who own small businesses increase media attention for their brands.  Her clients have appeared on some of Canada’s hottest TV and radio shows. She also acts as a moderator for Lean In Canada events and is a frequent speaker at entrepreneurial conferences.

What she says about us:

“Joining the Mamas & Co. community a little over two years ago has changed the trajectory of my life and career. I was able to turn my side hustle into a full-time gig with the support of this community. My favourite thing is that no matter what questions I have about my business I can always hop into the online forum and get answers quickly. The women are a tremendous wealth of knowledge and are always willing to help without expecting anything in return.“

Alana Kayfetz, Community Leader + Event Pro

Alana is a mom of two and the ultimate community builder, connector and networking maven. She is a seasoned event and marketing professional and loves bringing people together. After having kids, Alana began hosting events for new moms around town and before she knew it, momsTO was born! She is dedicated to creating fun and inspiring events for moms, with the aim of reinventing maternity and motherhood.

What she says about us:

"Mamas & Co. is the ultimate community for Mombosses! I have loved being a member this past year. I found it incredibly rewarding to collaborate with others in the community. I feel I have a lot to offer the group, and there is a lot to gain in return, so it’s a win-win for all."


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