Meet our Founder, Lianne Kim


Lianne Kim founded Mamas & Co. in November 2014 with the aim of bringing mama entrepreneurs together to support each other in their efforts to grow their businesses. Her current role is to continue to grow the mission of the community by working on strategic partnerships and curating the educational content such as our conferences and online courses.

In addition to leading this community, she is also a Business Coach and she helps business owners at all different stages through her online courses and coaching programs. She also runs an annual retreat for female entrepreneurs every January.

While she loves her work, Lianne’s #1 passion in life is spending time with her family. She is a wife a mama to two adorable kids and she loves going on family adventures, whether it’s traveling to a new destination as a family, or going on long bike rides. She believes that it is possible to have the life and business of our dreams.

Meet our Operations Manager, Kallai Plummer


Kallai (pronounced Cali-fornia) joined the Mamas & Co. team in 2023 as the Operations Manager. With over 15 years of human resource and operations experience, Kallai ensures that the back-end of Mamas & Co. runs smoothly and all events and projects are executed efficiently. You can also find her supporting our Mama Mentors, and is the point-of-contact for the Affiliate Program.


Kallai and her husband, Chris, have a blended family of young adults and teens patiently waiting for the full empty nest date to commence. They also have a small petting zoo containing 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a horse that Kallai spends her free time with. When she isn’t chasing deadlines and organizing everything in her sight, you can find her drinking coffee, watching college football, and recording podcast episodes for her show That Big CEO Energy.

Meet our Member Experience Manager, 

Erin Tee


Erin joined the Mams+Co. team in 2023 and brings a wealth of experience as our new Community Manager leveraging her technical expertise, strong interpersonal skills and her lived experience as a neurodivergent parent of a neurodivergent child.

Erin Tee is a seasoned video producer and business owner. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Erin's boutique video production company specializes in crafting real stories for diverse clients, including the Government of Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Education.


Erin’s expertise extends beyond traditional video production, encompassing a profound understanding of neurodivergent minds. Having recently earned her M.Ed in Cognitive Diversity in Education, she now offers specialized learning support to neurodivergent families as a Neurodiversity and Educational Consultant.

Meet our Marketing Coach, Amanda Casinha


Amanda Casinha joined the Mamas & Co. team this year but she has been a long-time member, and Mama Mentor leading one of our ever-popular Accountability Groups, and has been a Guest Coach in several forums hosted by our community.

With close to two decades of marketing and business experience, Amanda is currently our Marketing Coach for the A-Player cohorts, helping them take their content and messaging to the next level for more online visibility. While assisting the amazing mamas in our community, she also leads the Mamas & Co. social media channels.

Amanda lives in Toronto and Portugal with her husband and two daughters. When she isn’t chasing toddlers or creating content, you can find her drinking coffee and listening to a true crime podcast.

Meet our Mindset Coach, Chernell Bartholomew


Chernell is a mom to 3 beautiful girls, a published author, Certified Health Coach, A Ritz-Carlton Award winning Registered Massage Therapist & a Personal Trainer and the A-Players Mindset Coach.

With over 16 years of experience in health and wellness her passion is to help exhausted moms put themselves first again, get out of their own way & stop limiting their potential. Her positive non judgmental approach helps our A-Players realize they have the power to question old habits & start making real big moves!

Meet our Podcast Producer, Emily Milling


Emily Milling is a podcast producer and comedy artist from Toronto. As a graduate of Baking and Pastry Arts Management at George Brown, and Event Management at Algonquin College, Emily's varied careers have led her to entrepreneurship where she found her sweet spot in helping other entrepreneurs with their podcasts.

Emily is proud to have been on the Mamas and Co. team since the inception of Lianne's podcast, The Business of Thinking Big. When she's not producing podcasts, you can find her on various stages around Toronto performing improv and sketch comedy, or you'll catch her producing music and indie films.

Meet our Administrative Assistant, Therese Velasco


Therese Velasco, an experienced Virtual Assistant with over 8 years of expertise in virtual assistance and online marketing space, has been providing backend support for Mamas & Co. Her contributions as part of the Operations Team have been invaluable not only in the day-to-day tasks but in assisting in important projects and launches. Therese's unwavering commitment and expertise ensure smooth operations within Mamas & Co., making her an invaluable asset to the team's productivity and success.

As an INFJ personality type, Therese navigates her role while embracing her introverted nature and brings a unique perspective to her work, fostering meaningful connections and providing valuable assistance to those she serves.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Therese finds joy in reading self-help books, she also enjoys engaging in discussions about mindset-related topics, and indulging in watercolor painting.

Meet our Web Page Designer, Abegail Taculod


Abegail joined Mamas & Co. in 2022 as our Tech VA and landing page designer. In this short time, she's been able to blossom and hone her skills and expertise. Her background as a graphic brand designer and experience in online marketing helps to keep the brand you know and love looking clean and fresh. Abegail's goal to become the go-to person for online entrepreneurs and course creators is certainly on it's way.

Outside of her online career, Abegail spends quality time watching movies with her sisters and friends, playing guitar, and living the life that she wants, fulfilling her purpose.