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What Other Mamapreneurs Have To Say About Mamas & Co.:

Mama's & Co. is a group of women I never knew I needed in my life and now I can't imagine my life without them. When you are a part of a community who shares the same bond of going against the grain, doing something different, taking risks and helping one another, well let me just say that it's very rare to find. This group is full of extraordinary mothers who are building businesses not only to provide for their families but to become the best version of themselves in the process. Every day I am grateful for this supportive group. - Erin B., Real Estate Agent
After joining Mamas & Co. just after it was founded I watched my business grow, and felt like I was understood as a mom and business owner for the first time. At the time I was not able to get out the events but found the forum very helpful and connected with so many great women. Because everyone is at different stages in their business you can rest assured that someone will have answer to your questions always. I highly recommend signing up, a true lifeline like no other. - Danielle L., Graphic Designer
It's amazing how a group of strangers can so quickly become your business posse - and the biggest cheerleaders for your business. Mamas & Co has been so many things to me. I've learned an immense amount from their monthly Learning Labs, found friendships in their Meet Ups and FB group, collaborated with other moms (even my 'competitors') and built relations with moms who are now my (amazing) clients. So grateful to have stumbled on them a year ago. - Danielle B., Nutritonist

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