How to Attract and Secure More Dream Clients

(And the secret success formula you can use to Turn More Prospects into RAVING Customers who buy from you over and over again!)

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You'll learn: 

✓ The specific set of criteria to help you clearly define (and attract) your Dream Clients

✓ What types of content will resonate most with your dream clients (and help to establish trust and authority)

✓ The secret sauce that turns prospects into actual PAYING customers (time and time again!)

✓ How to STOP saying yes to clients that don’t light you up with joy – and START attracting the ones you want to work with– who truly want to work with you!

Are you a mompreneur struggling with any of the following?

  • "I can never say no to client requests... leaving me overwhelmed in the end."
  • "I’m frustrated that the potential clients I've been attracting don't buy from me..."
  • "I create so much content... but the leads are NOT converting into sales!”


If so, you're not alone. I hear it all the time from the mamas in our community.

But guess what...

You absolutely CAN attract the right clients to your business, you just haven't found the right formula yet...

In this free masterclass, I'll show you EXACTLY how!


Hi. I'm Lianne, Founder of Mamas & Co.

In 2014, I started doing sales consulting for small businesses and discovered my true passion: helping female entrepreneurs do what they love, and make great money! I left my stable sales career to pursue this passion full-time, founding Mamas & Co., a community built with all you Mamapreneurs in mind.

My current focus is to grow this amazing community through strategic partnerships and curating educational content such as our conferences and online courses.

In addition to leading this community, I am also a Business Coach and I love helping business owners at all different stages through my online courses and coaching programs. I am also the host of the wildly popular podcast, 'The Business of Thinking Big', and the newly-turned author of the book, 'Building a Joyful Business'.

 I can't wait to meet you in my masterclass!



Your Dream Client Checklist

Get INSTANT ACCESS to my brand-new Dream Client Checklist and action guide - you can print it out or fill it in digitally – whatever you prefer;)

Which of these "Client Faux-Pas" are you guilty of?

✔️ Not being clear on the kind of client we want to serve, and it shows. Our marketing and messaging are all over the place as a result.

✔️ Being scared to niche down for fear that we’d leave someone out or lose sales.

✔️ Not setting clear and consistent boundaries with our clients from the start, and if we do, we don’t uphold those boundaries when it counts.

✔️ Not clearly communicating our policies and procedures with our customers (often because we don’t have any).

The Dream Client Checklist is my gift to you, for taking action towards bringing more joy into your business.

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